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Vehicle Servicing 

Vehicle servicing at Town Garage, Lowestoft. Offering both petrol and diesel servicing, you could potentially save up to 50% compared with a main dealer. 
At Town Garage we are able service your brand new vehicles to main dealer specification without affecting the manufacturer’s warranty. 
Regular servicing will not only help prevent stressful or potentially dangerous breakdown, but will also enhance the value of the vehicle as service history is always good when selling a vehicle. 
Ideal service intervals are every 6 month or 6,000 miles for an interim service or every 12 months or 12,000 miles for a full service. 
Service intervals can vary on different makes of vehicle as per manufacturer specification 
Our experienced team offer both types of servicing. 
As we believe in transparency we will tell you exactly what is required for your vehicle to be serviced or repaired. 
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We are situated on Wollaston Road within easy walking distance of Lowestoft town centre. 
FULL SERVICE includes: 
oil & filter 
air filter 
spark plugs (petrol) 
fuel filter 
pollen filter 
remove road wheel to inspect brakes, clean and adjust 
check brake fluid levels and top up check tyre pressure and condition of tyres 
check radiator and coolant pipes for leaks, rust or damage and check anti-freeze 
check all wheel bearings for roughness, excessive play and noise 
inspect shock absorbers for leaks and road springs for any damage 
check power steering levels 
check condition of battery and starter motor 
check brake pipes for rust or damage and lubricate 
check all fixings and fastenings on engine and gearbox mounts 
lubricate bonnet catch and cable 
lubricate all door hinges and locks as required 
check windscreen washers and condition of wiper blades 
ensure all exterior lights are working and interior dashboard lights operating properly 
ensure engine coolant fan operating at correct temperature 
carry out road test. 
change oil & filter 
check all lights 
visually check coolant system for leaks and check anti-freeze level 
check and top up brake fluid if necessary 
check condition of wiper blades and washers 
check and top up steering fluid 
check tyre pressures and inspect tyres 
generally inspect under vehicle. 
Prices vary on the make and model of vehicles. 
Give Town Garage a call 01502 512004 
for a price to service your vehicle. Or Book Online 
Fleet Management 
Over the years Town Garage has maintained local and national business fleet vehicles. For further information on this service please call 01502 512004. 
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