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Winter Motoring 

With the darker days also brings the cold and sometimes hazardous road conditions, so it is important that your car is functioning correctly and safe to use in these Winter months. 

Some common problems with cars in the Winter months: 

Frozen screen wash 

If you keep trying to run the pump you risk blowing a fuse, Town Garage recommends using undiluted screen wash in the Winter. 

Frozen windscreen wipers 

You run the risk of blowing a fuse if you continually try to operate the wipers whilst frozen to the windscreen. If you have automatic windscreen wipers, in the Winter months turn these off, so they do not try to operate when the car is running. 

Frozen screen wash 

Ensure you have the correct mix of anti-freeze in your car, and that it is topped up, if in doubt call Town Garage to advise you 01502 512004 

Frozen car door locks 

Usually a squirt of WD40 in a car lock will help. 
Get your car serviced for Winter, call the experienced team at Town Garage today 01502 512004 
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